It is no question that social media is one of the fastest growing innovations around the world.

Facebook was created 12 years ago. Twitter was created 10 years ago. Instagram and Pinterest were created 6 years ago. Snapchat was created 5 years ago.

In 2016,  78% of all Americans use social media one way or another. There is 1.96 billion users around the world and that number is expected to grow to 2.5 billion by 2018.


So what does that mean for social media in the future? Well, it definitely means that social media is not going anywhere, anytime soon. It also means that more people around the world are going to use it more and more often.


If those statistics don’t convince you that your businesses needs to hop on the social media train, then here are a few facts to why you should (Yahoo business).

1. 50% of shoppers have made a purchase based on a recommendation through a social media network. 



This goes back to consumer psychology. The more someone sees a product or a brand, they are going to think about it more, want it more, purchase it more. A great example of a company on social that does this is Starbucks. If you want to check it out here is Starbuck’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

2. There are 120,000 tweets sent every second.



Everyone is on Twitter. By everyone, I mean 974 million accounts have been created and are active on Twitter today. That is a crazy number. Twitter is a great way to get your company out there and to educate people about who you are and what your company is trying to accomplish.

3. Facebook is the most visited website (of all websites).



This may not come to a shock to you, but it’s true. Facebook is ruling the internet and well, the world. Even if you don’t have a Facebook profile, it is a way for you to look up a company’s information and what they have posted.

Overall, social media is becoming one of the most powerful ways of marketing. Not only is it going to keep growing, something new is going to be invented and blow our minds even more.

💚 Jenna