Twitter is a great platform to keep your audience/customers in the know on what is going on in your corporation or organization.

Keeping your audience aware and engaged is crucial to up keeping a companies following on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)



Reflect for a second on a few of your favorite accounts that you follow on Twitter? What do you like about those accounts? What could they do better?

Here are a few tips on how to keep your followers engaged so they don’t unfollow your account.

  1. Create a personality for your brand.


(Big Brand System)

Why does this matter? Because it will target a certain audience that would be of interest in your company! This relates back to my blog post about social media branding. Your personality for the brand should come across all platforms. Your tone and voice needs to be consistent so that your followers will stay engaged on all platforms, not just one.

2. Provide valuable information


Let your followers know about everything first. Whether it’s just a BOGO deal or some incident that happened. When you are the first ones to let the news out, you will get more traction to your profile/site and you are being transparent with your customers, which is the best in my eyes. (BUT: be smart with what you tweet, remember everything is strategic.

3. Ask and answer questions



The more you ask questions on social media platforms, the more people are going to respond and be interested in other people’s opinion. This creates a two-way conversation ¬†for the follower and the account. The more you interact, the more people are going to keep following you. This is a chance for loyal customers¬†to talk to the person or company. It makes that consumer feel very special and cared about when someone responds to them. Who knows, they may be your biggest customer.



Overall, social media is a great place doe brands to really expand it’s horizon and create new ways to gain fans. If a brand uses it the way they should, then they will be in good business.

Anyways, I’m going to go through my Twitter feed and find my favorite brands.