If you don’t think Snapchat is going to be a top social media platform, think again.

Snapchat is doing amazingly well for only operating the past five years.

Snapchat has more than 150 million daily users. There are over 9,000 snaps sent every second and over 10 billion views a day.

Now if that doesn’t impress you, I don’t know what will.


(Tony Seels Blog) 

Snapchat keeps their users engaged by switching up multiple parts of the app every single day. This includes Snapchat filters, new featured stories and live stories. This keeps the users involved and wanting to come back to the app.

So, guess what marketing plea Snapchat is about to release outside of the app. You’re never going to guess.

Video-capturing sunglasses. 

AND they are putting them in vending machines.

What does this entail exactly? According to recode, they are pop up vending machines that will be announced 24 hours in advanced. It will be a way for Snapchat fans to use the app in person, not over a phone.

How much do you think these glasses will cost? A whopping $129.99. I think that is a little expensive for something coming out of a vending machine. Although, this will now be competing with multiple new “vending machines” that now give out cupcakes, and headphones and iPads. It’s crazy what technology can do now.


(Mirror Image)

This is one of the vending machines. This is the first one that got placed in Santa Monica, Ca.



These are what the spectacles look like. Now I am not 100% sure what they do BUT, it is already doing REALLY well.

So why is this a genius move for Snapchat? BECAUSE EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT. The more people talk about something, the more they are going to download the app and the more people are going to go out and buy these spectacles that just look like sunglasses!

Smart move Snapchat, smart move.

💛 Jenna