The 2016 presidential election made history regardless who you voted for, or what stance you take. We, as the American people, are a part of a new movement, that is going to effect everyone. We are a part of history. 


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Besides this election, social media has made a huge difference in every industry across the world.

According to Digital Trends, millennials check social media 17 times, and are on their phone whopping 4.7 hours every day. So, this election needed social media to be present in each campaign to reach new audiences.

So like I said, regardless what stance you take on politics: ask yourself, why do you think Trump won?


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This comes full circle of the saying “no publicity is bad publicity.” Even though Trump would tweet some very irrational things and would be so extreme, he got people talking. That’s all he and his PR team wanted. At least that’s what we can infer.

The more people talk, tweet and post on social media about something or someone it gets people thinking about that person all the time. This was a big element for Trump.

Everyone is always talking about Donald Trump. 

So, why do you think that Clinton didn’t utilize social media the way Trump used it?

Clinton mainly had someone doing her social media and just quoted her during her rallies and speeches. Why do you think that isn’t as effective?

A big reason, is that it doesn’t seem like it is coming from her. Trump interacted and talked to his voters. Every tweet that was posted (regardless if it was him or if his PR person) it was his voice and tone. It was his words. You can hear him speaking when you are reading it. It makes it known that they are authentic and not a robot behind a computer.

Now like I said, regardless what political party you are, social media made a huge difference in the election this year. I’m not saying it made Trump win, or it’s the reason Clinton lost. But, for us millennials, we are on social media all the time. That is how we get our updates and voice our opinion.

Elections from here on out, are going to have a drastic impact on ways to campaign that isn’t so traditional.

We are all a part of history. At this time lets embrace that and know that we have great families and friends and a great life to live. America is our country. It is what we make of it.

🇺🇸 Jenna