Social media is now integrated within big businesses, which essentially means that businesses need their voice and “personality” to shine through their profiles.

This is huge for social media. Social media is a new way for brands to market their products. This is essential a new way of branding.



Branding in a company’s way to make people want to buy their product. Branding could be the way a logo looks, coloring, the design. So, why is social media branding important?

Well, here’s a few reasons:

1. It’s a way for a company to interact with their customers or fans. 


(USA Today)

Southwest Airlines does a great job at interacting with their customers. When there is a problem or if someone misses their flight and reaches out to them via social media, Southwest immediately tries to fix the problem. This helps their branding because Southwest shows that they care about their customers and that they are willing to go the extra mile to make a single customer happy.

2. It’s a way to create partnerships and cross-promotion campaigns. 


(comedy central)

Comedy central created this video/social media campaign called “Hack into Broad City.” this gave their internet users a taste of the actual network channel. They posted the episodes on every “big” social media platform. Since Comedy Central has a partnership with Entertainment Weekly, E! Online and Refinery29, they all posted the episodes and racked up over 3.2 MILLION views.

3. It’s a way to make a company have personality.


Adidas uses a great voice and tone throughout all their various social media platforms. They have created a way to be healthy, inspirational and fun all at the same time. Having a consistent voice throughout all platforms makes your following know what the company is all about.

Overall, social media is a critical aspect for companies. We can create a new ways to represent and talk for the company. It is a way to interact and let the customers know how much you care and value you them. The more we value them, the more they will buy the product.

Keep Tweeting!

💙 Jenna