The Growth of Social Media

It is no question that social media is one of the fastest growing innovations around the world.

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Is Your Brand Trying to Reach a Bigger Demographic?

There is no doubt that Facebook could rule the world, if they wanted to. A few new studies have come out to show that the use of Hispanics using Facebook for brands is growing exponentially.

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Most Effective Tactics to Keep your Social Media Following

Twitter is a great platform to keep your audience/customers in the know on what is going on in your corporation or organization.

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Snapchat is at it Again.

If you don’t think Snapchat is going to be a top social media platform, think again.

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Here’s Why Infographics Work

Infographics are a great visual way to relay information to an audience in an appealing way.

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United States of Social Media

The 2016 presidential election made history regardless who you voted for, or what stance you take. We, as the American people, are a part of a new movement, that is going to effect everyone. We are a part of history. 

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How Does Social Media Branding Work?

Social media is now integrated within big businesses, which essentially means that businesses need their voice and “personality” to shine through their profiles.

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Long Live Vine

If you are currently a college student, you definitely loved Vine in high school. It was one of the first “app” social medias to come out in 2012.  Continue reading “Long Live Vine”

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